Final thoughts on teamwork

My group was made up of Niamh Diglog, Whatyamacallit and myself. It initially took a while to get in contact with the members of my group due to the fact that we are not using our real names it was difficult to find each other online. I initially made contact with Niamh over Facebook and […]

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Final presentation

Opening slide from our final presentation. Our final class in Second life was for each group  to present their presentation on the campaign #metoo. It was interesting to see how even though we all had the same topic but had so many variations on the topic. these took the form of slideshows, images brought into […]

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Presentation research part 2

I researched section 4 of the brief which was to consider how the zeitgeist could be leveraged to change the latent acceptability of such behaviour in society using the medium of the internet and it’s components. today everything we post is there for everyone to see I explored the idea of opacity as it vividly […]

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Presentation research part 1

My assigned  part of the presentation was part 2 of the brief which was to demonstrate how the campaign #metoo tapped into, or reflected the zeitgeist. explanation of what zeitgeist means. I began by researching the word zeitgeist, which is made up of two German words time and sprit. Meaning the spirit of the time, the […]

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week 8

 Paris Brown resigned her position as UK police youth because of offensive tweets. Leading on from last weeks discussion on personal branding, this weeks articles revolved around what people have posted online having an effect on there real lives. I read an article about a girl named Paris Brown,a youth crime commissioner who resigned  due to accusations […]

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week 7

This weeks class was conducted through the chat bar as unfortunately Johns mic was not working, this caused a bit of disruption as it took longer for people to write their opinions  leading to the class running over time. However despite this the class began with John reflecting on our blogs so far and suggesting […]

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Group work commences

After reaching out to Niamh on Facebook and receiving a message on the group page from whatyamacallit we decided to have a meeting in Second Life to start our assignment together. The first thing we did  in the meeting was go through the brief and divide the four sections of the assignment between us.  This […]

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